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Gary Evans was a well-known figure in his community, the surrounding towns, and the footwear industry. He grew up in the Midwest area while serving for our country.  After his time in the service, Gary came to the East coast working for Thom McAn headquarters in Worcester, MA.  Following his career there, he accepted a retail position at Anwelt Cooperation.  During his time there, Mr. Evans found an interest in the manufacturing aspect of the business. Quickly, he worked his way up to become Vice President of manufacturing. Later on, he worked at Wolverine World Wide as a sales manager.  During his employment at WWW, he purchased the first location for Evans on the Common in 1979, located in the Main St. Central Plaza.   When the historical school house went up for sale, Mr. Evans bought the building.  In 1984 he left his position at Wolverine World Wide to put all his efforts into the new store location.  

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